Success Stories

Kare Aparna

Kare Aparna belongs to the fishermen community of Vada Narsapuram village. Having lost her father when she was very young, …click the name for the story

K Nagamani

K Nagamani of Pallapu Somavaram village has had to struggle to study at every step. Her parents …click the name for the story

M. Harsha

She is a graduate in biotechnology and a very responsible daughter of her parents. Her father …click the name for the story


Koneti Eswaramma

Hearing impaired since birth, Koneti Eswaramma is a native of Pakalalapadu village of …click the name for the story

Saragadam Kumari

Saragadam Kumari of Haripalem village comes from an agricultural background. To augment …click the name for the story

Working together at Chuchikonda village

One of BCTs operational villages, Chuchikonda has a Community …click the name for the story


Beejan Bibi

Beejan Bibi comes from a semi-orthodox family. While she had high hopes and dreams to study well, she could not …click the name for the story



Jan 2019

BCT Newsletter – January 2019