Hearing impaired since birth, Koneti Eswaramma is a native of Pakalalapadu village of Golugonda Mandal in Visakhapatnam district. After studying in a local school up to the 8th class, she would stay at home as a dependent on her family.

BCT identified her one year ago and motivated her to join the Microsoft supported programme. Designed to help challenged persons in tribal areas, she and 29 other people with disabilities underwent training from July to September 2018. She learned to stitch blouses, shirts, and dresses.  

BCT provided sewing machines and Eswaramma started stitching from her house. While work was slow at first, it soon picked up the pace. Her father came forth to support her, and now he gets her orders from the weekly tribal shandy as well.

Making good use of the training provided to her, and with the support of her family, Eswaramma is now earning Rs. 6000 per month. We wish her the best