K Nagamani of Pallapu Somavaram village has had to struggle to study at every step. Her parents work as agriculture daily labourers, and she also has a younger brother. BCT has been working in her village since 1981 and identified her in 2003, as she wasn’t going to school. She was seven years old at that time and had to stay back to care for her cow and goats. BCT motivated and convinced her parents to send her to the innovative and experimental school it had started in the village. 

However, the parents wanted her to discontinue education when she was in class five and work so as to augment family income. They wanted to send their son to school instead. BCT convinced them to send her to the BCT Residential high school, as Nagamani was a keen student. Nagamani improved upon her academics, participated in vocational tailoring, social animation, horticulture skills and cultural activities like Burrakatha and kolatam as well.

But her troubles weren’t over yet. A month before her tenth board exams, she came to know that her alcoholic father was quarreling with her mother, who left home because of this. Nagamani took a week’s leave from school and counseled her father and mother separately. Not only did she bring them back together, but she also cleared her tenth class boards with a first division and took up the Diploma in Civil Engineering course. BCT organized a scholarship for her to ensure continuity. 

Today she is a fourth-year student in the bachelor of civil engineering course. Her father is no longer the alcoholic he used to be. Her brother is studying his degree. Her family is much happier and Nagamani soon hopes to get a good job to support them