Residential High School


With the school building and hostels constructed by the Infosys fund in the years 2011 and 2018 respectively, separate hostel facilities are provided for boys and girls. Each of the hostel rooms are equipped with bunk beds and study tables.


Science Laboratory 

A well-equipped science lab is made available to the students.

A library with about 4000 books has been made available. Books are in Telugu, English, and Hindi languages, and students use the services while preparing their projects


Playground amphitheatre 

There is sufficient playground for student’s recreation. An open air amphitheatre is also present.

Computer laboratory

This enables computer education for the students. Students learn topics like MS Office, Power point, Paint, typing speed, HTML, notepad and hardware


A large mess equipped with chairs and tables allows students to gather together and eat comfortably. The food is cooked fresh in the school kitchen, and a weekly menu of balanced diet is provided to the students.