This thrust area of BCT ensures that the physically challenged children and adults in rural communities do not remain as burdens on their families, but lead independent and proactive lives. With a 100% success rate, every child who became a part of the SHPC programme, went on to lead a healthier, happier life. 6702 people with disabilities across 17 mandals of Visakhapatnam district with 65.3% of them below 18 years were impacted. Known as the BCT SHPC programme, it works in seven mandals of the Visakhapatnam district. Support and services are offered through,

·         Aids like crutches, wheelchairs and artificial limbs are provided to improve mobility.

·         Orthotic and prosthesis services are offered through manufacturing of certain products and repairs of others.

·         Physiotherapy services through a trained physiotherapist are provided in the mandals. A well-equipped physiotherapy center at the BCT Campus also enables access to occupational therapy and necessary care. Training on physiotherapy is also offered.

·         Mentally Retardation or Cerebral Palsy children are given special chairs to arrest further damage to their spines, preventing permanent injury .

·         Spreading awareness on government benefits, BCT also facilitates the process of special concession passes, medical certificates of injury etc.

·         Self-sustainability is encouraged through basic education, vocation programmes and entrepreneurial facilitation. Currently, 252 PwDs are running their enterprises.