Siva G| TNN | Aug 17, 2018, 00:54

Visakhapatnam: People of various parts of North Andhra are now habituated for the meat of black chicken, which is common in tribal belts of Madhya Pradesh. Thought the meat of the black chicken costs higher than the country chickens, which are costly and three fold against the broiler chicken, people are coming forward to purchase them because the black chicken meat has many medicinal values, high proteins and nutrients.

Now, the tribals of some parts of Dumbriguda and Araku are rearing these birds, which survives only on the tribal areas. This new variety of black chicken usually survives in the tribal areas in Madhya Pradesh. The black chicken’s meat is also in black colour.

“The meat is considered to be having medicinal values and its blood will also use to cure few diseases. Meat would fetch Rs. 900 to Rs. 1000 in few area of Hyderabad and also other parts of AP and Telangana. Each egg of this black chicken would fetch Rs. 45,” the representative of Krushi Vijnana Kedra of Bhagavatula Charitable Trust in Vizag, B Nagendra Prasad told TOI.

He further said that these chickens will have similar qualities like our country chicken and easily escape from the street dogs. The other tribal area chicken –Vana Raja, Giripriya, Giriraja, and other verities will have more body weight than black chickens. Because of that quality, those chicken varieties have been becoming victims of dogs. But Black Chickens would jump easily and escape from the dogs.

The Krushi Vijnan Kedra had introduced these black chicken to Badimela village in Dumbriguda mandal of Visakha agency in 2016 by supplying four chickens each to 30 families. Now around 300 chicken are in the Vizag district. People believe that the meat and the eggs of the black chicken will cure Diabetes, heart related diseases, Asthma, nerves weakness, anaemia and others.

According to farmers of black chicken, the six-month old chicken will have one kilo weight and starts producing the eggs. The country made chicken would generally deliver 50 eggs per year, but the black chicken would produce minimum 120 eggs per year. “Because of producing more eggs, it will not have time for laying eggs. So the farmers will take the help of the country chickens for the laying of eggs. ” a farmer Ramesh of Araku area said.

By seeing the black chicken at Badimela, villagers of another seven villages such as Jamiguda, Rangalipadu, Gandha, Gondipalli and others started rearing the black chicken. Each chicken of one month old would fetch the farmers Rs. 220 in plain areas. Many people are showing interest in black chicken.

Even in Plain areas farmer at Kotauratla and Yalamanchili are rearing these birds. They are selling the eggs and birds. Neither the Krushi Vijnan Kendra nor the farmers are meeting the demand due to insufficient number of birds presently. There is hatchery in Chennai and three shops at Hyderabad are supplying the black chicken meat.

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