Sri PV Venkatesan Center Revamped

On 11th November, buffaloes were distributed at the Haripuram campus in the presence of Sri.V.Jaganmohana Rao, D.G.M, Sri.D.Vasantharao, Senior Manager, and Sri.R.Vittal, H.R from Tata Relief Committee, and Sri B Sri Ram Murty, Secretary, BCT.

However, soon Covid happened, and the work had to pause. It was in the past few months that the construction of the entire structure, its electrification and painting finally took place.

The renovated buildings of Sri P V Venkatesan Center were inaugurated on November 21st, 2021 by Sri Atul Bhatt, Chairman and Managing Director of the RINL. Visakhapatnam. The ceremony was held at Sri PVV Center in presence of honorable guest Sri Atul Bhatt, Sri B Sri Ram Murty, the team of BCT and Residential High School students along with 15 PWD students from the center. The children welcomed the guest with cultural programs, which warmed the hearts of the gathering. 

After an introductory speech by Mr. Sri Ram Murty, Secretary, BCT, PWD students of the center performed a skit on CAB (Covid Appropriate Behaviour). Sri Atul Bhatt encouraged the PWD students’ development in overall skills. Students presented gifts to the guests and thanked all the participants in sign language.