Sankranti on campus

On January 7, BCT school organized a rangoli (muggulu) competition for the children and school staff to celebrate Sankranti. The air took on festive hues, as colorful muggulu were meticulously crafted on the school grounds. A group of boys kept the energy alive with their rhythmic rendering of the drums. BCT Central Coordinator Sri Sitaramaraju and School Principal Mrs. SK Renuka served as the judges and announced prizes. Celebrations were also held at the BCT TMF SMART centers with colourful Rangolis.

In the villages, BCT conducted Sankranti Sambaralu under the leadership of the local community action groups. Festivities were held from 13th to 31st January 2022. A meeting with village representatives and CAG members from 60 villages was held, where BCT Secretary, Sri B Sri Ram Murty gave the orientation for the sambralu. The theme emphasized on bringing back customs and traditional practices with youth participation. 60 villages across 6 mandals decked up. From games to traditional practices, village representatives conducted five traditional games in every village too. Colourful muggulu with gobbillu (cowdung) lined the streets, as folk dances, folk songs, bhajans, and the warm fires of bhogi were celebrated. Sports competitions, dhanurmaasa melukolupulu, cricket, slow cycling, pidakalu poteelu (competitions) and gaalipataalu poteelu (kite-flying competitions) were held for the young ones.

The best participants in each village received prizes from their village elders. BCT provided 3000 certificates of appreciation, for distribution to the participants. Funds for the events were raised by the villagers themselves, as Community Organizers coordinated with the CAGs for the proper organization of events. The impact of the program was remarkable as villages came together in unity to protect their culture. Great organizing and participatory skills of the youth were seen.