Comprehensive Education Initiative at Paderu

BCT initiated a 10-day teachers training program for government school teachers in tribal Paderu. This program was conducted in association with the Government of Andhra Pradesh (SSA), VIBHA INDIA, LeapForWord, and Sikshna Foundation. 354 teachers from 11 tribal mandals of Visakhapatnam district attended the program.

This initiative aims to motivate students to come to school regularly and participate in all learning processes. It also motivates parental involvement in their child’s progress. To achieve these aims, selected teachers in Paderu’s government schools were given training on the following:

1. English Reading Program: Customized techniques are delivered in the mother-tongue so teachers can effectively teach English to students. This technique-based program enables teachers to train students from English Illiteracy to a stage where they can read, write, comprehend & structure grammatically correct sentences.

2. Inclusive Education: To increase participation of children with disabilities in mainstream schools, this enables all stakeholders involved in the education of children with disabilities with appropriate awareness, knowledge, and skills. It promotes inclusion for such children in home-based programs at schools and raises awareness among teachers, parents, and the community.

3. Prerana Motivation (students): Sikshana’s Prerana program is designed as a scalable and replicable model with a child-centric approach, making primary education an enjoyable process & motivating children towards improved & holistic learning .

4. My Shaala App: Provided to mentors, it helps them to capture and mentor all relevant data on their mobiles.

5. We Love Reading: This program focuses on inculcating the reading habit among students. It aims at creating readers, developing foundational literacy skills, conceptual and skill-based knowledge development. Book banks in schools, weekly reading hour periods, creating classroom reading corners, forming community reading rooms, conducting reading melas & fests, are some key activities.