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The month of September 2019, brought 16 members from the Inner Wheel Club of Visakhapatnam and Adityakiran Memorial Trust, Visakhapatnam to BCT. As this was a first visit for many of them, they viewed a short film on BCT to understand the scope of operations. They also interacted with Sri B. Sri Ram Murty, Secretary, to know more details. Sri Ram also elaborated about the past and present projects, as he spoke about the processes adopted, partnering communities, undertaking need based initiatives and augmenting farmer’s income.

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After a brief orientation over tea, the team visited the BCT Residential High School and PV Venkatesan Center for the Challenged. At the Center, Aditya Kiran Memorial Trust donated 20 chairs with planks for students, 2 white boards, 2 pin boards and a computer table. The equipped classroom for the hearing impaired, was inaugurated by Aditya Kiran Trust founder Shri V. Seetharamaih garu and Mrs. Subbalakshmi garu in the presence of BCT Board member, Shri B. Radhakrishna and club members. Inner Wheel Club of Visakhapatnam has also supported through donation of education and training material, which was given to the school by Mrs. G. Usha, President, Inner Wheel.

The challenged children, in their own inimitable way, have expressed that the chairs are comfortable and allow them to jot down notes easily. They are also able to easily display pictures drawn by them, tailoring models stitched by them and education materials on the pin boards. Trainers said that the big white boards, make it easy to illustrate, and write, allowing students to write notes properly. They were happy for the education material which eases the teaching/ learning process and makes for a congenial learning environment.

The visiting team members were appreciative of the sincere contribution of BCT since over 4 decades with concern and commitment in bringing change among the disadvantaged groups. ‘Had a wonderful exposure to BCT activities, filled with vigour, original ideas of empowerment, rural upliftment, bright faces of kids, ready to face the big bad world with confidence, and on the whole a very satisfying experience. Kudos to the team of BCT’ wrote Ms P Vasanta Lakshmi in the Visitor’s book.Some of them expressed to be part of BCT in the future.