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From 3rd to 8th February, 33 students of the Vidyaranya school in Hyderabad, visited BCT as part of an education tour. The young boys and girls of the 8th standard, were accompanied by their faculty member Mrs. Veena, a faculty member.

Soon after their arrival, the BCT team organized an induction meet, where Mr. TVS Raghava Rao, Joint Secretary, welcomed them and gave an overview on BCT through a video film.

Over the time of their stay, the children visited the Physiotherapy workshop facilitated by Ms. Devi, where they observed the functionalities of Lower Limb Orthotics. A visit to the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) was organized, facilitated by Mr. Subbarao and faculty. Here they interacted with students learning electrical and fitter trade, with the latter even demonstrating aspects like gas welding and recycling old materials to make new things. The student-visitors also got to know about the initiatives being taken for Skill and Health for Physically Challenged including Center based rehabilitation for hearing impaired with Mr Prabhakar.

The students next visited the High School and learned about its working through Mrs. Renuka and her team. Here they joined students from the BCT Residential school in a cultural event as well. Besides all the interactions and learning at school, the trip included a visit to the beach,  where the Vidyaranya students participated in Shramdan.  In order to foster an understanding about life in the villages, they visited families in Vada Narsapuram, a fishermen village, and learnt about the lifestyles of people there. An interaction with the Community Action Group (CAG) members was also organized so that the students could get a first-hand knowledge on initiatives being taken for community development.

The students next visited the

A visit to BCT is incomplete without a trip to the farms, and the students visited the farms and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) for an exposure to farmer extension services and best practices, facilitated by Mr. KJ Sarma. The Community wing also organized a trip for the Vidyaranya students to Etikoppaka, where the inspired students purchased lacquer toys as they also learnt how these were being made. A trip to the scenic destination of Araku marked the end of their trip.

Demonstrating an interest in learning along with the students of the Residential High School, the Vidyaranya students said that they enjoyed the trip. Happy with the warm reception received both from students and staff, they were surprised in how students of RHS were able to practically apply what they had learnt. Communication skills of the BCT students were also much appreciated. Expressing the desire to be able to apply what they had learnt as well, students of Vidyaranya invited the RHS team to their school as they expressed happiness in seeing the support BCT has been rendering to people since its inception.

Finally the students interacted with Dr. BV Parameswara Rao at his residence and shared their experiences. With the entire trip closely followed up by Mr Lova Kumar and coordinated by Mr N. Somayajulu, it was a success on all fronts.