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Working towards community participation and decision making for village development, the Community Action Groups (CAGs) across 137 villages have been actively involved for the past three years now, since the start of the initiative by BCT. These groups meet regularly to discuss problems and solutions. The 13 CAG members of Mulajampa village met on December 6 as part of their monthly meetings and discussed the various problems and solutions.

A few ways in which BCT supports them includes:

1. For the last 2 years, they have been cultivating Green chilies crop with the support of BCT. 156 farmers get 75 tons of chilies, enabling them to earn a higher income by selling the produce at Rs.35 to 45/- per kg.

2. With the support of BCT KVK, 26 farmers cultivated Sesame crop. Following best practices, they produced 800kgs per acre, which marks an improvement in their income.

3. They also encouraged the children to learn Kolatam to promote folk dance culture in the villages. 70 children learned this art and perform it for every festival in the village. They have collected Rs.10, 000/- from the village as a donation, and could also get special Kolatam dresses stitched for the children, motivating them further.

4. CAG promoted a Farmers Club in the village to tackle their problems. Till now they have promoted thrift for up to Rs.45,000/-. Every month the members of the club meet and discuss their problems regarding agriculture and benefit from expert’s advice from BCT KVK.

5. They have also identified 13 differently abled children in the village. With the support of BCT, these children are getting better options for their holistic development.